Lucas Smith


From time to time I articulate things in a way that seems to resonate with folks; I usually end up sharing it more broadly by making some documentation or worse, pinning it to a slack channel. Effectively losing the thought or having to re-articulate it at another company for another set of people. This leads to alot of repeated work to scrub and customize.

Now I am going to do the adult thing and mirror them here. I'll try to support these ideas with reasonable diagrams and logic. Here's to hoping it is useful for others as well.

Drop me an email if you find any of these useful or if you patently disagree.

March 25, 2020 ยท Design Systems

Modals are b0rked

There is a strange thing happening in UI design. I have identified it in more than one organization. We have collectively forgotten what modals are and what they are for. Modals have become such a common pattern that product teams can't differentiate between experiences that call for modal or non-modal experiences.